Your Own Brand of Consistency

Your Own Brand of ConsistencyJust under 6 months ago, I opened one of these messages with a quote from former Ohio State football coach Jim Tressel that John used as the opening to chapter 5 of The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth, “The hallmark of excellence, the test of greatness, is consistency.” I used the rest of that message to highlight that we were at the halfway point in the year and to question everyone reading as to whether they were still on track to achieve the goals they had set for themselves as 2017 began.

Whether you have or whether you haven’t, I hope you have some new goals identified for the coming year! And assuming you do, I want to go back to that same Law of Consistency and offer some thoughts on tailoring the application specifically to YOU!

Early in the chapter, John asks, “Do you know HOW you are supposed to improve?” Quite honestly, I don’t know that I had given this much thought in any of the previous times I read the chapter… I’ve always appreciated how candid John has been in describing the simple, and often painfully boring, systems he’s used to achieve so many of his successes. That transparency has helped me have a stronger belief in what I can accomplish because I’ve developed systems to help me deal with things I’ve had to do in my areas of weakness.

In addressing the issue of just simply developing consistency, John suggests that we look at our own behavioral style to develop systems that are specific to what motivates us. With nearly a year of work with The DISC Model of Human Behavior through Personality Insights, this takes an entirely different meaning for me!

As the DRIVEN type being my primary style, I like things that are fast-paced, I love challenges, and I’m always focused on ways for getting better results! All of those things are usually VERY helpful when striving to achieve a given goal. The challenge comes when precision and accuracy are important to hitting the actual target…That’s where systems become very necessary. I don’t have any problem with getting things going; I do sometimes struggle with making sure the end result is JUST RIGHT. As I work to develop a system, I try to build things in that support my desire for results but also ensure I stay focused on the important details. (There have been times that this has worked so well that I was accused of being detail-oriented!!!)

As we head into a new year with new goals, what can you do to apply Your Own Brand of Consistency in making sure you’re successful? How can you match your systems for consistency to your own behavioral style?

Over the next few messages, I will share some thoughts on how this same thing can work for the INSPIRING, SUPPORTIVE, and CAUTIOUS styles too.  If you’re not sure of exactly what your behavioral style blend is, you can learn more about the tools for discovering it here.