Why Not Make it a PARTY?

Why Not Make it a PARTY?If you’ve got to do it anyway, why not make it an event everyone will remember?

Building from where I left of in the last message, let’s look at how someone with an INSPIRING behavioral style can create a system they’re happy to stick with AND will help ensure they hit the target they’re aiming for in the process.

For this group of folks, around 30% of the population, if having one person along for the ride is good, having 20 is even better! The surest way for them to see things through is to build an audience that will enjoy the show! The more friends that can be INVOLVED and the more activities that can be woven in, the more they will be drawn to the process. These folks will jump at the chance to rally the troops!

And while they’ll love the recognition ceremony when the overall goal is accomplished, especially if they get to be on stage, these INTERACTIVE folks will appreciate the chance to celebrate any small victories along the way. (The DRIVEN folks are fine to celebrate results, but they may consider much cheering before the task is done as empty noise…)

Standard operating procedures is likely to equal torture in the eyes of our IMPRESSIONABLE friends. But when they have the latitude to turn their system for success into something of a party, with room for some surprises along the way, the odds of them seeing it through to the end go up exponentially!

Both styles I’ve covered so far are likely to have a pace that some people find difficult to keep up with, or even tolerate… But there’s no ONE right answer for all of us. In the next message, I’ll touch on some things that will seem completely foreign to these last two groups but should keep things in perfect harmony for the largest group of all…