When Life Kicks You…

When Life Kicks You...Has life ever kicked you in the pants? I’m guessing the answer to that is a resounding YES! If not, I think my next question would be “So what have you been doing?”

On the way to the office this morning, John told me that I needed to make sure that “any time life kicks me, to make sure it’s kicking me FORWARD!” I think we could all list a number of ways life has kicked us; but can you list the number of times you’ve made sure it kicked you forward? That takes a whole different degree of intentionality!

In chapter 4 of Leadership Gold (When You Get Kicked In The Rear, You Know You’re Out In Front), John uses a scenario of criticism to challenge us to really reflect on who we are and what we’ll do when we’re kicked. He doesn’t discuss this from the perspective that you MAY NOT get kicked, he considers it a predetermined fact!

Let’s be honest here: if you’re doing anything at all to grow or move forward from the status quo, someone’s probably already kicking you! If you’re not feeling it, you’re either moving fast enough that the kicks haven’t caught up or you just haven’t noticed it…

Sometimes those kicks can come from people we really care about. During the mastermind session we just finished on The Law of Tradeoffs, one of the participants shared how he’s had to give up some of the time he used to spend with some of his friends so he could be more intentional about moving his business forward. In many cases like this, those same friends can be the ones that do the kicking. Rarely are they doing this out of malice; they’re often hurt because you’ve moved in a different direction or intimidated by your growth. It’s very easy to take this personal, and we often become bitter. What other options do we have here?

Whether the kicks have come from friends or not, I can just about guarantee you’ve had some. How can we use these kicks as added forward momentum rather than letting them knock us backward?

Until next time,