What’s YOUR Main Thing?

What's YOUR Main Thing?In chapter 11 of Leadership Gold, Keep Your Mind on the Main Thing, John says “for leaders, it’s better to know the most important things than to know everything.” Later in this same chapter, he adds that “most people have a strong desire to be in the know… Leaders can’t afford to be caught up in every little detail of the organization… or they’ll lose their perspective AND their ability to lead.”

So now that you have that foundation, what is YOUR MAIN THING? A few weeks ago, I shared a message based on The Law of Priorities, specifically digging into what gives you the best return for your time invested. You can click here to read that message in case you missed it.

John covers this topic in multiple books. That leads me to think it may actually be important… It also tells me that a lot of people still aren’t getting it!

In my case, I don’t know that I can limit my answer to just one thing. There are certainly things that absolutely have to be my main thing in my Safety/Human Resource role but these are not the same main things for my role in Dove Development & Consulting, and they certainly aren’t my main things when it comes to being a husband, dad, and granddad… For me, I’ve had to learn to be very intentional with my calendar so I have time planned for them all!

And I’ll ask one last time: What’s YOUR Main Thing?

Until next time,