What Will It Be Like?

What Will It Be Like?Leading up to the start of our Mastermind Study Group focused on The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth, I’ve hit on various ideas John shares in these laws. As we wrapped up the first call in this in-depth 8-week course, I asked the group to think into a question throughout the next week leading up to the second call: Can you picture your future with the same specificity as you have in picturing your past?

The resounding answer from everyone in the group, including me, was NO.

Before you judge any of us too harshly, I’d challenge you to give that same question some serious thought!

Some of the questions leading up to this final one were focused on getting everyone to dig deep into why they do what they do and what they really want to get out of what they’re doing. For me, this had rarely been top of mind for the bulk of my career. I had certainly put plenty of time and effort into growing my skills and excelling in each role I held, but I had never invested any time into developing a crystal-clear mental picture of what I really wanted; I was just working hard to be BETTER. But without clarity for what BETTER looked like, anything I did could only have a limited impact.

As John closes The Law of Awareness, he says “When you do what you want to do, it will be more difficult than you ever imagined.” I have absolutely no interest in totaling up the time I’ve put into my own growth and development over the last 20 years, and I’m a little scared to consider the amount of money I’ve invested in the process. But John reassures us that, much like many other investment opportunities, investing in your own growth has a compounding effect. He goes on to say that “when you (finally get to) do what you ALWAYS wanted to, it will be BETTER than you ever imagined.”

If you haven’t before now, and few have, I challenge you to invest some time into developing that picture in your own mind of the future you want. And create it with that same level of specificity and clarity as you have when you tell someone a story of something you’ve done in your past.

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