What Is Your People Capacity?

What Is Your People CapacityAre you a ‘Stand in the Gap’ person?  I am, that’s just what I do… it’s how I’m wired.  My first go-to response in any situation is how can I support, how can I bridge the gap, what needs can I fill to get this individual or situation the tools or foundation required for their need to be met, their goal to be reached, their victory to be had.

One of the worst feelings in the world is wanting to help another individual succeed but having little to offer that truly makes a difference.  Until I learned about personal growth and started my personal growth journey 18 years ago, I knew I was limited in the tools I could offer to help them build their own bridge to success.  As my growth journey began and progressed, my own self-confidence increased and limiting beliefs in myself were lifting.  I began to overcome obstacles in my life and knew how I did it!  Since I recognized the growth and change in my own life, I have had a strong desire to share this with others and help them along the path of personal growth.

In his book No Limits, John Maxwell dedicates an entire chapter to People Capacity.  Your ability to build relationships directly affects the impact you can have on a persons life.  Too many people think of how the relationship can benefit them and not enough (or at all) on how they can benefit that individual.  John goes on to share how changing focus from me to we will give the result of beautiful long-term relationships.  I know for Wes and myself, one of the most important decision’s in our business life was to intentionally develop great long-term relationships.  Here are some key lessons we have learned and applied from John’s teaching over the years and try to implement daily.  You can find more information on these in No Limits.


Value People Daily– Intentionally add value to someone each day.

Make Yourself More Valuable in Your Relationships – Make yourself better so you have more to give.  Improve yourself and your situation with the purpose of giving to others.

Put Yourself in Their World – Ask questions about them, go to them first, make yourself available to people in your life, be alert to ways you can go to them when they need it.

Focus Your Relationships on Benefiting Others, Not Yourself – you need to want more for people than you want from people, never take a relationship for granted, keep being intentional about adding value to continue being a plus in another person’s life.


As we strive to add value to others and build great long-term relationships, let’s remember the more value we add to ourselves, the more we have to give and the more ability we have to stand In the gap.