What Is Your Emotional Capacity?

What Is Your Emotional Capacity?Emotionally strong people don’t waste their energy when something goes wrong.  They re-direct it into something positive. If they are stuck in a waiting room, in traffic or their day has been re-scheduled they quickly move their energy to another positive outcome. Most of us would agree there’s always something in our phone or device we can work on, a book we can read (if we create a habit to keep a good book close by) or create a conversation with those around us to keep our energy positive.   While this is easier for some than others it is a choice for all.

Sounds simple doesn’t it?  Not always… but the more you exercise this ‘muscle’ the stronger you become and the quicker your mind will move to the habit of creating a positive outcome for you and those around you.  As you work to increase your own awareness of these opportunities, and trust me they will come daily, make the choice to stretch and grow yourself.

What has worked for me (Cindy)?  My equation for growth:  Goals +Tracking + Reflection+ Repeat.  For example, set a goal for the first quarter of the new year to re-direct your energy into something positive each time a negative happens in your life that threatens to drain your energy.  Track your ‘ah-ha’ moments by writing down the times you chose to re-direct your energy to a positive, in a situation that would have otherwise been an energy drain.  Schedule a time to reflect.  This can be as simple as a calendar reminder and will quickly become a habit.  When we take time to reflect, we can grow by increasing our awareness and adjust to create the life we want.  As John Maxwell shares in his book No Limits:  Blow the Cap Off Your Capacity emotionally strong people do not keep making the same mistakes!

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