What Is Your Creative Capacity?

What Is Your Creative Capacity?During my (Cindy) elementary school years, our classes would have Creative Camp sessions, along with various other camp sessions to offer an interactive learning environment. Each Camp had a leader who would then begin the selection process of who would be in their camp.  Much like being on a ball team, we all lined up and if you were deemed as great (or the best friend of the leader) you were chosen first and so on it went.  I ALWAYS wanted to be in the Creative Camp and was never chosen!  On to the Spelling Bee Camp, Gardening Camp or even Woodworking I would go.  Disappoint at it’s finest when you’re in 3rd grade!

It wasn’t until my first job at the age of 14 that I realized I was indeed more creative than most (in my mind anyway.) The creativity my school friends had been looking for was limited to the arts.  I found my creative strength in problem solving and finding solutions.   As I worked each week in our school cafeteria to help pay my tuition, I realized the problem-solving ability that came naturally to me, was a gift as well as from lessons learned and applied as I watched my mother organize and carry out many events of mass feeding for our church school groups, church and civic events and other social gatherings for hundreds at a time.  Some of that realization may have been an increase in confidence as I was looked to for answers from my peers and some may have been sheer pride in finding solutions on the job.

In John Maxwell’s book, No Limits he dedicates an entire chapter to Creative Capacity – Your Ability to See Options and Find Answers.  On page 113, he shares Keys to Increasing Creative Capacity with the first key being to believe there is always an answer.  In my experience, if I don’t apply this simple concept I miss out on the endless possibility of answers available to me.  Too often, we expect THE answer, THE job or THE opportunity through the door we open or one opened to us.  In reality, each door we open leads us to another door, and another door and another door.  One of these doors will eventually lead us to an answer.

Looking back over your experiences, when did you encounter a capacity gap? As we grow our capacity in area’s important to us, we grow our effectiveness and the future we desire.  John gives the following formula to grow your capacity…

If you grow in your awareness, develop your abilities, and make the right choices, you can reach your capacity. 

Creativity and increasing our capacity is a mindset.  We have to believe the solutions are available and work to find them!

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