What Do Leaders LOOK Like?

What Do Leaders LOOK Like?John opens chapter two of The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership, The Law of Influence, with these questions: “What do leaders look like? Do they always look powerful, impressive, charismatic?” I can think of various people that absolutely fit the look John is referring to. While some of them are excellent leaders, some most certainly are not. As an example of how far the visual characteristics often are from leadership, think of the many actors we see in movies and on TV; in many cases, I wouldn’t follow them for tacos (and I love some tacos)!

This brings me to the I personality type in the DISC Model of Human Behavior; the Inspiring/Influencing type. Just like those of us that fall in the D type I covered in the last message, even the purest of I type personalities have some mix of every other style… More often than not, an I loves to be in front of a group and enjoys expressing their ideas. But just like with the Hollywood-types, being in front of an audience doesn’t make you a leader any more than being in the garage makes you a car.

As a strong D type personality, I have a natural tendency to be very impatient with I types; not because of they’re desire for the spotlight but because of what comes across to me as a lack of progress… Before you label me as being unkind or unfair, let me clarify: they get even more frustrated with the likes of me, and how impersonal I can come across. But it takes all kinds!!

John’s subtitle for this chapter is “The True Measure of Leadership is Influence – Nothing More, Nothing Less.” And as with the high D style personalities, an I type personality blend can realize their best results by being intentional about how they use their less dominant traits in the overall mix. As an example of this, John points to Abraham Lincoln. From almost everything I’ve read about Lincoln, he’s seemed to be a rather reserved person. That said, most of us know him best by the inspiring words, “Four score and seven years ago…,” opening his address at Gettysburg.

To me, this shows that it matters less what blend you have and more about how you learn to apply it!

Bye for now,