What Determines a Person’s Level of Effectiveness?

What Determines a Person's Level of Effectiveness?In the opening chapter of The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership, The Law of The Lid, John Maxwell sets the tone for the rest of the book by saying “Leadership ability determines a person’s level of effectiveness.” He follows that statement with one almost as powerful: “If you can get a handle on this law, you will see the incredible impact of leadership on every aspect of your life.”

I don’t know about you, but I think these are two remarkably bold statements. So I’m well aware that not everyone has studied John as closely as I have in the last 15 years. One thing I’ve learned in this time is that while he is absolutely entertaining, he DOES NOT make claims he can’t substantiate. In fact, one of the main pieces of the certification process to teach his material involves a significant amount of time learning the core culture he believes in; all based on EXCEEDING expectations.

If exceeding expectations is one of his core principles, and he’s willing to open what’s now the #1 bestselling leadership book of all time with these two statements, do you think there may be a chance that he believes it? I have no doubt! Not only have I seen him live this message, I’ve been able to develop some very close friendships with several folks that have had the chance to be in much smaller settings with John, and every one of them has commented on the depth of his integrity.

Now that I’ve painted a picture of what may seem like the third man to walk on water, let me throw you a twist: What if I told you I believe there’s more to this story? What if there was something that you could learn that would immediately increase your leadership ability AND have an exponential impact on your overall effectiveness?

In The Law of the Lid, John also talks about the importance of identifying the things that will give you the best chance of increasing your effectiveness for the amount of time you invest. I can’t think of any one thing that can make a bigger difference in our daily routine than the ability to immediately identify the personality style of the person we’re working directly with (at any level) and genuinely tailor our message in a way that they will receive it. Just over two months ago, my friend and mentor, Chris Rollins, trained and certified me in the tools that will equip you in Piecing Together Your People Puzzles; opening the door to exponential effectiveness as a leader and in your day to day life.

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