WARS Are Started Over This Stuff!

SWARS  Are Started Over This Stuff!“Half of all the controversies and conflicts that arise among people are caused not by differences of opinion or an inability to agree, but by lack of understanding of one another.” In the second chapter of Relationships 101, What Do I Need To Know About Others, John says he once heard an attorney make the preceding statement. After trading friendly jabs with an attorney friend while speaking together as part of a panel at a safety workshop last week, I feel very fulfilled in saying that if an attorney was involved in the statement John quoted, a war was more probable than possible…

All jokes aside, even the attorney jokes, what’s the most recent example you can think of where this truth was proven in your life? I use (and emphasize) the words truth and proven very intentionally here; I don’t believe this statement is a matter of opinion, only a matter of when the last time we each experienced it in our own life…

As I worked with a client earlier today, I shared several examples of how the DISC Model of Human Behavior and Personality Insights curriculum could be applied to establish deeper, and better functioning, relationships with his staff and his customer base. While some of that went into a bit more specific detail, the foundations of what we discussed is exactly what will be shared in Piecing Together Your People Puzzles on Thursday, April 27 at the Harrisonburg-Rockingham Chamber of Commerce.

So if you’ve not already registered for this session that’s guaranteed to provide multiple times more value than the price tag attached to it (and you’ll likely never see this session priced so ridiculously low again), I have to assume that you’re thinking you’ve seen some type of personality or behavioral assessment before and know all you need to know about the subject. How’s that working out for you? Could you explain what you learned about your own personality style? What have you done differently because of it? Do you have any idea at all how to get a basic idea about the personality style of the people you interact with most? What about the new customer, client, or co-worker you meet for the first time? I’m guessing that wasn’t part of the package…

That’s where this stands out; you can actually use what you learn! These remarkably simple concepts are the precise reason the material makes so much of a difference in learning how to understand the people in your life. And as John says, “Understanding others gives you the potential to influence every area of your life, not just the business arena.”

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