Using the MOST Effective Means…

Using the MOST Effective Means...Following the theme of the last couple of messages, I want to continue with some ideas from Good Leaders Ask Great Questions. In the third section of the opening chapter, “Questions Are the Most Effective Means of Connecting with People,” John says “the goal of effective communication is to prompt people to think, ME TOO!” Shortly after that, in illustrating how effective asking questions can be in getting someone involved, he says “All of us have experienced the interest of others when we were lost and asked for directions.”

In reading this, I pulled two different, but very related, thoughts from John’s words:

  • Asking the right questions shows the person we’re communicating with that we place value on them as an individual.
  • Asking that person questions shows that we have a need for the knowledge that they have.

Think about both of those messages. How much more effort will you put into your interaction or relationship with someone when they’ve proven that they respect and value you, or what you have to offer? I would guess that it will almost always be significantly more for that person than you would for the person that brushes you off or patronizes you… That’s certainly the case for me (and I seriously doubt I’m alone in that).

So how can we do that? What questions should we be asking to get the information we need most AND send the message to that person showing that we do place this kind of value on them?

This brings me back to Piecing Together Your People Puzzles. The session on April 27 will cover two foundational questions that will not only give you a starting point for tailoring ANY message you need to make sure is received and understood, it will also give you the framework for using what you learn from those two questions. These two, simple questions, combined with an understanding of how to put them into practice, has the potential to improve the results of every important interaction you have.

This content is so effective, I’ve seen companies use it as the foundation for all employee interaction; from the entry-level summer temp to the CEO. At that time, I didn’t have a true appreciation for what they had done. As I’ve learned more about the DISC Model of Human Behavior and got licensed to use the Personality Insights tools and curriculum, I realize how remarkable this can be in an organization!

Talk with you soon,

P.S. There are only a few spots left for our session in Harrisonburg next Thursday. Click here to register!