Turning The Tides – How Important Momentum Really Is

Turning The Tides - How Important Momentum Really IsIf you watched the Super Bowl on Sunday night, you saw two VERY different halves of a football game. During the first half, I thought we were going to see the Atlanta Falcons blow out the New England Patriots; they were well on their way to doing so. The first few minutes of the second half didn’t seem to be much different. Then something changed. The MOMENTUM shifted. I certainly wasn’t paying close enough attention to point to a specific call or play that could have caused this shift, but I’m certain someone could.

So what if you were one of the few folks that didn’t watch the Super Bowl? The same momentum shifts can be seen in almost every college basketball game. One team starts out hot. Something happens (a coach calls a time out, a player does something truly remarkable, etc.) that swing the pendulum in the other team’s favor, and they go on a scoring run.

What if you’re not into sports? Does this happen in business or in our lives? (I’m hoping you understand that this is a rhetorical question…) In chapter 16 of The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership, John Maxwell describes The Law of the Big Mo. (Having been a Boston Red Sox fan as a kid, I could have easily thought he was referring to Mo Vaughn; He wasn’t.) I’ve heard John talk about this a number of times. He often says that “when you have momentum in something you’re doing, you appear to be WAY better than you really are.” He says the opposite is also true, “when you don’t have momentum working in your favor, you’re often much better than you appear.”

So sports analogies aside, can you point to instances in your own life where momentum has played a significant role in your results? I certainly can! While I am very blessed to work with a number of people that are FAR more successful than me, I can absolutely see instances now where I get exponential results from what feels like the same effort I applied just a year or so ago with almost no results to show from it. Some of that can be attributed to simply getting better at what I do (and hopefully adding more value to those that I serve), but I don’t believe I’ve gotten that much better that quickly. Quite honestly, I think I was pretty good at certain things even when I wasn’t achieving visible results. Momentum had to build…

In wrapping this up, can you point an area in your life where you’re not seeing the results that you feel like you’ve earned? I challenge you to take a hard look into The Law of the Big Mo. If you’re not already putting it in motion, there’s no better time than now to start!

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