There’s ALWAYS More Than One…

There's ALWAYS More Than One...I’m guessing you’ve heard this too: “There’s more than one way to skin a cat!” Well, I suppose there is. But I’ve always wondered WHY anyone would want to do it at all…

As I mentioned in the last message, asking WHY can lead to a great level of understanding. However, many people stop long before they achieve this understanding. Later in The Law of Curiosity, chapter 12 of The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth, John challenges us to “stop looking for the RIGHT answer,” introducing the idea that there may actually be more than one!

So WHY do you think so many people get stuck on finding what they believe to be THE right answer, rather than just A right answer? I think this could stem from several different things: comfort with what they know to work, pride in being responsible for the current way something is done (have you ever heard the term sacred cow?), unwilling to put in additional effort to find a better way, or even a desire to control how the task is done. I recently heard a story about a long term employee of a company (and a great person at that) telling the owner of the company that something had to be done a certain way because it had been done that way for nearly twenty years. It didn’t sound like that was what the owner wanted to hear… I can’t say that I would have settled for that reasoning either.

In teaching this idea, John says “if you believe there is only a single right solution, you either get frustrated because you can’t find it, or if you think you have found it, you stop searching and perhaps miss better ones.” After years of working on continuous improvement projects in a manufacturing setting, I have a deep appreciation for always looking at how something can be improved. John says it this way, “No matter how good it is, it can always be improved.” Another way of thinking about this is The BEST answer can ALWAYS become better.

What are the things that you do routinely that could benefit from a bit of intentionally asking yourself WHY???

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