The WHO Is More Important Than The WHAT!

The WHO Is More Important Than The What!I am thankful to the mentors currently in my life and I study them very closely. One of those is obviously John Maxwell. While I don’t currently have the opportunity to be mentored by him one on one, I do get significantly more access to him than the general public. Even before though, I studied him through his books and his monthly audio series. I was able to get one on one time with another one of those mentors last week in Dallas; his name is Chris. It’s fair to say I have the closest relationship with him at this point. The third mentor that I have been studying for over a year now is one of the world’s top authorities in executive coaching. But that’s not necessarily why I look so forward to his daily emails. His email series is as much about developing the thought process for business owners as it is anything else, and he certainly challenges his readers to think deeper than anyone I’ve ever been around…

This morning’s message was a lesson he learned from one of his mentors quite a few years ago (I’ll come back to a point in that statement in just a bit). The topic of his email this morning was “Go-Getters and Go-Givers.” His mentor told him, “but the most important thing I’ve discovered in the years from being broke to selling my business is what I’d wished I’d known at the start – to pay as much attention to WHO you learn from as you do to WHAT you learn. Do that Christian, and you’ll be just fine.” Christian’s message went on to discuss how some of the most successful people he had ever worked with were also some of the most willing to share their experience and insight.

In chapter 15 of The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth, the Law of Contribution, John uses the phrase “Be a river, not a reservoir.” Even prior to the time I’ve been so intentionally studying these three men, I can point to several great people that had achieved some significant levels of success (and I don’t mean simply financial success), who were always willing to invest time in me. I certainly don’t know that I was looking that deeply into it at the time, but I would still look to many of them today for guidance because of WHO they are!

So I ask you, what are you doing today to make sure you’re the WHO so you can offer the WHAT when it’s needed by those around you?