The Test of Greatness is:

The Test of Greatness is:
The Test of Greatness is:

As referenced in the subject line, John opens chapter 5 of The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth, The Law of Consistency, by quoting former Ohio State University football coach Jim Tressel as saying “The hallmark of excellence, the test of greatness, is CONSISTENCY.”

Before reading even the next sentence, I challenge you to REFLECT on that statement!

Can you point to anything of significance that you’ve ever accomplished in your life that WAS NOT the result of CONSISTENCY; in thought or in action…? I don’t believe I can! As a matter of fact, I’ve relied far more on a willingness to be consistent in my effort than I ever have on any natural talent or ability… Don’t get me wrong here, I’m certainly not saying that I don’t think you (or I) are capable of accomplishing anything relevant without being consistent. I am saying that I truly believe, that even in your areas of strength, you will see remarkably better results IF you’re willing to apply The Law of Consistency!

Later in this same chapter, John quotes E.M. Gray as saying “The successful person has the habit of doing the things that failures don’t like to do. The successful person doesn’t like doing them either, but his dislike is subordinated to the strength of his purpose.” John follows this quote by saying that “the more tuned in you are to your purpose, and the more dedicated you are to growing toward it, the better your chances of reaching your potential, expanding your possibilities, and doing something significant.”

If you’re not where you had hoped to be by this point in the year, can you think of anything that you can do more consistently in the next six months that will impact your overall results? In many cases, these things aren’t huge. The power truly comes from having the discipline to apply The Law of Consistency!

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