The Non-Negotiables

The Non-NegotiablesDid you know there’s a Ladder Law?  A law on climbing a ladder?  It’s for those individuals who desire to climb successfully (in any life endeavor) without plummeting to the ground face first or otherwise.  Sounds incredibly painful! I’m sure you know I’m not speaking to common sense physical safety practices (albeit we need those in our life) but rather, I’m speaking to the ladder of successful living. In 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth, John Maxwell shares the Law of the Ladder – Character growth determines the height of your personal growth.  While there is incredible wisdom in this chapter, I’ll share with you the bullet points on John’s Five Rungs of his character ladder.

  1. I will focus on being better on the inside than on the outside. – Character Matters
  2. I will follow the Golden Rule. – People Matter
  3. I will teach only what I believe. – Passion Matters
  4. I will value humility above all virtues. – Perspective Matters
  5. I will strive to finish well. – Faithfulness Matters

Studying this chapter is always an encouraging and centering experience for me.  The rungs on our ladder are our non-negotiables on how we will live our life, best serving others by serving and building our own character.  Let’s strive to be a better person tomorrow than we are today.   – Cindy Dove