The Nature of Relationships

The Nature of RelationshipsA little over 10 years ago, John Maxwell put out a series of short books, each designed so they could be read in one sitting, that broke down several key areas in leadership. These were initially based on the acronym R.E.A.L.; Relationships, Equipping, Attitude, and Leadership. Since then, about 5 more have been added to complete the 101 Series… The title of this message, “The Nature of Relationships,” is the heading of the first section in Relationships 101. John opens chapter one, “Why Are Relationships Important to Success?”, with a story of how Ronald Reagan put intentional effort into developing strong relationships with his team, and how he emphasized the importance of each team member doing the same with their peers. John said Reagan “understood that relationships were the glue that held his team members together – the more solid the relationships, the more cohesive his team.”

I’ve had the opportunity to work with a number of different teams in several organizations. Each of them have seen their share of Up’s and Down’s. The variable I’ve noticed in how they’ve handled these could often been traced directly back to the strength of relationships the team members had with one another.

What are some of the things you’ve seen that have helped teams develop and maintain the kind of relationships that can weather a storm? Is it because the team members have a lot in common? Does it help when they share a bit of history?

There are many things that can play into this but it’s often hard to control some of them. One factor that can be controlled, and even used as a foundation for building around, is effective communication within the team. Regardless of age, background, or shared history, you will ALWAYS have different personality styles within your team. Helping them understand themselves and the differences in their peers can be a big step in developing the cohesiveness John mentions.

Whether the team you want to be more cohesive is made up of you and your spouse, or the group you lead on a daily basis, the concepts covered in Piecing Together Your People Puzzles can make an immediate impact. This concise session on April 27 will provide the framework for several options you can choose to apply moving forward. As John says in this same chapter, “Just about everything you do depends on teamwork. The question is, will your involvement with others be successful?

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