The MOST Important Ingredient In Growth:

The MOST Important Ingredient In Growth:I’ve put thousands of hours into studying personal growth and leadership concepts from a multitude of sources over the last 20 years. While there are certainly a lot of things many of the experts agree on, there seems to be a never-ending list of steps you and I should be taking to be the best we can be. It’s nothing short of overwhelming!

In preparing for an upcoming call with a select group of leaders studying The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth, and John uses the word LAWS for a reason, I had one of those A-HA moments! Sometimes that doesn’t take much… This time, though, it was a case of having several different principles that I’ve learned recently come together all at once.

In The Law of the Ladder, John emphasizes the overall importance of character on true, lasting personal growth. He explains that you can continue learning new things and gain a certain level of expertise by properly applying those things, but all that will make little difference to your audience over the long haul if you don’t have the character to back it up. Pretty profound, right? But wait, there’s MORE! (said in my best infomercial voice) Follow along for just a bit…

How many times have we heard, “with all things being equal, we prefer to do business with people we KNOW, LIKE, and TRUST” used to describe the importance of making sure the people we want to do business with LIKE us? I don’t know that I’ve ever NOT heard that phrase used to drive the point that I need to make sure the customer LIKES me. During the behavioral assessment certification process, I learned that this is “A TRUTH” rather than “THE TRUTH.” Quite honestly, I believed it had its place but I never totally felt like it was the whole story. What I learned a few weeks ago was that about 40% of the population (I also learned that I’m part of that 40%) needs to first TRUST someone before they will even consider LIKING them. This isn’t simply being critical, it’s the way this group is wired! I could go so much deeper into this, but this isn’t the venue for that…

For now, I ask you: if 40 of every 100 people you ever interact with need to be able to trust you before they even consider liking you, how important is character in determining whether or not you reach your full potential? Here’s the good news: regardless of where you are today, you can build your character!

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