The Building Blocks of Relationships

The Building Blocks of RelationshipsIn the second section of Relationships 101, John covers a few basic “how-to” principles for building strong relationships; one being the chapter called “How Can I Connect With People.”

The part that stood out to me the most dealt with connecting in public and in private. John said “Connecting with people isn’t something that needs to happen only when communicating to groups of people. It needs to happen with individuals. And the stronger the relationship between individuals, the more beneficial it will be and the more likely the followers will want to help the leader.

So John wrote this with a focus on how a leader can connect with their followers, resulting in more support and buy in. But what if you’re in a situation where you are not the leader? Is this statement any less applicable?

Being “the leader” means different things to everyone… In some cases, it may be as simple as the position or title you hold. In others, being recognized as a leader may have absolutely nothing to do with your assigned role within the team or organization; we’ve all seen groups where the person with the most influence and the person with the title are definitely not the same person! (I won’t go into either of those scenarios in this message.)

Again, even though John has directed his statement toward leaders, does it apply to us in situations where we ARE NOT the recognized leader? I think it applies EVEN MORE in those situations. If we’re the one with influence or authority, it becomes critically important to connect with the person or group we’re communicating with. Earlier today, I worked with a group of friends and co-workers on ways to quickly determine what message they could share (and how to best share it) to speak the language of their audience. This was a group where most had a few very key things in common. It would have been very easy to assume that the traits most of them shared were just as common in the general public. But as we dug into the information, it became very clear that the vast majority of the people they come in contact with WILL NOT share those traits.

We had to identify ways to bridge those gaps. This was a key step in helping this awesome team begin Piecing Together THEIR People Puzzles. In just two weeks, you’ll have an opportunity to see how this content can be applied in your team – IF you don’t wait too long to register!

Talk with you soon,