Is It True for You Too?

We’ve heard it over and over. A 2014 Washington Post survey gave some statistics backing it… More people have pointed to public speaking as their biggest fear than anything else; 25.3% according to that Washington Post survey. I remember the … Read More

What Is Your Creative Capacity?

During my (Cindy) elementary school years, our classes would have Creative Camp sessions, along with various other camp sessions to offer an interactive learning environment. Each Camp had a leader who would then begin the selection process of who would … Read More

What Do You Do When You Don’t Feel Like Doing It?

How often have you heard someone tell you how much they don’t like a certain aspect of their job or that they just don’t feel like being there? (Displaying their own personal Case of the Monday’s…) An even more relevant … Read More

What Is Your Emotional Capacity?

Emotionally strong people don’t waste their energy when something goes wrong.  They re-direct it into something positive. If they are stuck in a waiting room, in traffic or their day has been re-scheduled they quickly move their energy to another … Read More

Your Own Brand of Consistency

Just under 6 months ago, I opened one of these messages with a quote from former Ohio State football coach Jim Tressel that John used as the opening to chapter 5 of The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth, “The hallmark … Read More

Just Tryin’ to be Cooperative…

Before I forget, I want to say Thank You to a few of the awesome folks that receive these messages for offering suggestions on how to best navigate the individual insurance market! One friend provided an option that may absolutely … Read More

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