It’s All About the Experience!

Have you turned the corner yet? Are you actually looking forward to the next time you’ll be giving a presentation in front of a group of your peers? I’m going out on a limb and guessing that answer might still … Read More

Know The Reasons & Build A Bridge…

In the last message, I shared how terrified I was the first time I had to present anything in front of a group. How about I stop beating that particular horse and jump right into thoughts on overcoming that fear? … Read More

Is It True for You Too?

We’ve heard it over and over. A 2014 Washington Post survey gave some statistics backing it… More people have pointed to public speaking as their biggest fear than anything else; 25.3% according to that Washington Post survey. I remember the … Read More

Nothing More, Nothing Less…

In nearly 20 years of studying John Maxwell’s work, the one phrase I’ve heard him say more than ANY other has been “Leadership is Influence. Nothing more, nothing less.” That statement alone carries a significant amount of weight. But when … Read More