Some GREAT News!

Some GREAT News!I closed a previous writing, with what I intended to offer a bit of hope… I also understand that this whole idea of making our message stand out from everything else we’re all bombarded with on a daily basis can be nothing short of overwhelming! So here’s what I believe we should all consider to be GREAT news: learning to make that connection so our message is the one being received is a SKILL we can each improve; not a TALENT someone is either born with or without…!

John dedicates chapter 5 of Everyone Communicates, Few Connect, Connecting is More Skill than Natural Talent, to teaching this principle. He says, “Connecting is something ANYONE can learn to do, but one must study communication to improve at it.” Learning this gave me an amazing about of confidence. I’ve never considered myself to have much natural talent in anything, but I have always taken pride in my work ethic. When I understood that all I needed to do was put the necessary effort into studying effective communicators, I was all over it! I began looking for every opportunity I could to “learn” from other people I viewed as being effective. There were times where I also learned from the content they shared but more often than not, I was more interested in how they delivered their message. I would take notes on the things I responded to as well as the things that their entire audience seemed to react well to (whether that audience was just a few people or a few thousand people).

The next piece of this puzzle for me was working to apply what I was learning. I’ve often heard the saying “be the best you you can be because you’ll only ever be second rate at being someone else.” It took me a while to really learn how true that was. What I had seen work well for some didn’t always give me the same results. I had to come to terms with who I was AND who I was not…

I’ve often seen people use results from behavioral or personality assessments to make excuses for things they do or to label other people they’re dealing with. As I’ve developed a familiarity with tools like The DISC Model of Human Behavior, I’ve also learned to be very confident in my own skin. This understanding of my unique blend, my strengths AND my blind spots, helps me be more intentional about delivering a message that CONNECTS with other styles rather than driving a wedge between me and them…

But as good as these principles are, the tangible results only show up when we put them into practice. In the last message of this specific series, I’ll offer some thoughts that should help you make sure the rubber meets the road!

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