Perfect Practice Makes Perfect…

Perfect Practice Makes Perfect...Whether you have followed my recent writings or not, we’ve covered how 3 of the 4 primary behavioral styles (DRIVEN, INSPIRING, and SUPPORTIVE) can thrive with The Law of Consistency, chapter 5 of The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth, by building systems into their life that are tailored to motivate achievement based on their natural preferences. So let’s tie this together by discussing how the CAUTIOUS style does the same!

We’ve all been told, likely quite often, that practice makes perfect. But is that right? I don’t believe it is… It may not matter how long I practice throwing a baseball or hitting a golf ball; if I’m using the wrong technique the entire time, perfection will probably never show up at my address. And with my DRIVEN tendencies, I may not slow down long enough to ever notice that I’m not heading in the right direction… why should I if I’m making great time? The CAUTIOUS folks in our lives will rarely have this challenge. In fact, this group is the most likely to create a system that ensures they follow their system. They take great pride in making sure their work (and the work done by those around them) is CORRECT. As some of the smartest people in the world, they are very CONSCIENTIOUS and put a significant amount of effort into developing and following an established pattern; especially when they know it’s a pattern that yields accurate results (like the patterns they developed…)

When this 25% of the population can build in clear instructions that ensure deadlines are met, their results will be tough to beat! The real challenge comes when those deadlines aren’t in place. Their CAREFUL nature can sometimes cause them to wait for all the lights to be on green before they leave the driveway. (Us DRIVEN folks are often likely to run a red light pulling out of the driveway…)

As I wrap this series up, I want to stress that no style is right or wrong! If we spend our time wishing we were more of one or less of another, we may miss the opportunity to be the best we can be where we are. I reference my DRIVEN style not because I think it’s any better than the others, but because it’s the one I have sooooo much of in my own personal blend. Quite honestly, that creates some problems at times too.

My hope is that you can own your personal blend and build your life around it to achieve the results you’re after!

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