Not Yet, The Timing Isn’t Right…

Not Yet, The Timing Isn't Right...“The timing isn’t right right now, but hopefully next year…” Have you ever had to explain to someone why you hadn’t taken that next step in pursuing something you were truly passionate about?

That was the theme of the first email I opened this morning. I’m very blessed to have a few mentors that I get to learn from almost every day. One of them lives in the UK. We’ve only spoken in person two or three times, but I can’t begin to tell you how much I’ve learned from Christian in the year and a half I’ve known him. His message this morning was based on a conversation he had over the weekend with another dad at a soccer game. (He calls it football…) As Christian explained how the fellow talked about what he really wanted to do, he was able to tie it to where he was fifteen years ago; in a good-paying job with some seniority, a nice home, his first child on the way. Christian said he really wanted to launch his own business at the time, doing what he had been dreaming of doing, but he had so many reasons for sticking with what paid the bills. It wasn’t until the economy went south in late 2008, and the company he was working for changed hands, that he was in a spot where he had no other choice. Almost a decade later, Christian works with people in over 150 countries; something he would have never been able to do had the status quo not changed… I didn’t know Christian then, but I can’t imagine the man I know today being content if things hadn’t changed for him.

Before you think I’m suggesting something I’m not, let me be very clear: this message has NOTHING to do with quitting your job tomorrow. Truth be told, my hope is that you enjoy what you do for a living more than anything else you could be doing. In chapter 5 of Leadership Gold, Never Work A Day In Your Life, John refers to advice we’ve likely all heard at one time or another: “find something you like to do so much that you would gladly do it for nothing, then learn to do it so well people are happy to pay you for it.” When you first hear that statement, it sounds pretty far-fetched. But is it really?

I have to think that most of us do really enjoy something about what we do, even if we have a hard time remembering it on a day to day basis… My challenge for you is to think about how you ended up in your current position, doing what you do, and what you initially loved about it. If you’re not as excited about it today as you once were, what can you do to get back in that frame of mind? I would guess that redefining that could likely lead to a renewed fulfillment, and possibly open a few new doors in the process. While I can’t tell you that I love every aspect of what I do every day, I can tell you that I am very thankful, and very passionate about what I do every day. In that same chapter, John says “following your passion is the key to finding your potential.” I hope this helps you get one step closer to reaching yours!

Talk with you soon,