Make Every Interaction Count

Make Every Interaction Count

Have you ever actually watched the tension rise and the productivity drop in your workplace from just a simple misunderstanding? Have you ever wondered why something you said or did wasn’t received the way you hoped it would be, What if you were given a chance to learn the foundational principles that could help you keep this from happening?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could quickly identify the primary communication style of ANYONE you interact with? And what if by doing this, you could get better RESULTS faster and have more FUN in the process?

Over the last several months, Cindy and I have had the opportunity to help a number of organizations to address issues like this. We like to think of this process as Piecing Together Your People Puzzles! We’ve been able to develop an engaging session that provides an easy way to begin to understand the basic behavioral patterns of almost everyone you deal with on a routine basis… In this introductory session, we cover the information necessary for defining a starting point for making any personal or business interaction you have more effective. By sharing case studies detailing just how critical this has been for some of the organizations and teams we’ve been able to help and how we’ve build these tools into their culture! In some cases, we’re able to get the process started within an organization in this same session by tailoring the session to include their groups’ behavioral assessment results.

On Tuesday, January 9, I am honored to be sharing some of these basic, and immediately applicable, tools with a group of Human Resource professionals at the monthly Shenandoah Valley Society of Human Resource Management luncheon. Having worked nearly 20 years in safety and human resources personally, I know firsthand how much having these tools at my disposal would have made dozens, if not hundreds, of situations easier to handle! One of the most rewarding things Cindy and I get to do on a weekly and monthly basis now is help others have access to opportunities like this so they can get the results they’re after in their careers.

If you’re looking for a way to be more effective every time you interact with someone, tools like these can provide you with an understanding of how you’re wired, ways to quickly recognize the communication style of the person you’re communicating with, and how to adapt to the situation so you can achieve the results you’re after!

As Certified Human Behavior Consultants through Personality Insights, we can help you start applying The DISC Model of Human Behavior with a scientifically validated approach to improving the relationships on your team and increasing productivity in the process!


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