Let’s Stick With What Works…

Let's Stick With What Works...Whether you have been following my series on the Personality Insights STYLES through the DISC Model of Human behavior or not, I have shared messages about The Law of Consistency, chapter 5 in The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth, the 35% that make up the SUPPORTIVE style are perfectly happy to find a system that works and stick with it! STATUS QUO is just fine, and developing a methodical system for achieving results is something they will often love.

Too many of my DRIVEN peers, these STEADY folks may not even seem like they’re moving toward the goal at all. And if we’re too DIRECT or DEMANDING with them, they may actually withdraw a bit. While this group is typically very good hearted and SWEET, they are also a bit SHY.

While they’re far more RESERVED than the two previously discussed styles, they thrive on teamwork and helping others. And sincere appreciation is nourishment to their soul! Even though their pace may seem somewhat lethargic to some of the DOMINANT and INFLUENCING types, a system that’s designed to add value to the people this SUPPORTIVE groups serves will likely become a driving force in their life, leading to results that some of the more OUTGOING people may never find otherwise!

Although the SUPPORTIVE group can sometimes be perceived as SUCKERS, the sky is the limit when their system for consistency is written in the language that best speaks to them!

And speaking the language of the final group, is where I’ll finish what I started in this attempt to tie The Law of Consistency to individual behavioral styles…

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