Throughout my career, I’ve seen quite a few different ways trainers or consultants perform some sort of diagnostic to assess an organizations deficiencies in leadership. I suppose they all have their purpose, and my goal here is certainly not to poke holes in those practices. But, personally, I’ve not always seen tangible results come from these types of assessments. Follow through can be very difficult when you’re introduced to new ideas or techniques, even when they’re really good, but you don’t completely understand how to apply them and keep up with what’s likely an already full workload.

I’ve also taken part in a number of team building exercises, ranging from blindfolded walks through a field to swinging from a cable through the forest. I even remember one that wrapped up with everyone walking through a line of their peers, giving high fives while the theme to Rocky blared from a small radio in the corner of the room. I’m clearly making light of some of these, but they each offered some degree of value. Again, the challenge I saw with all of them was in how I could apply anything I learned to the pile that continued to grow on my desk for the day or more that I had to be away to take part in the event.

In early 2016, I had the opportunity to become one of the first 300 hundred people in the world to get licensed and certified to use a tool developed to combine an organizational leadership diagnostic assessment with the most effective team building exercise that I’ve ever seen. This tool, available to only a select group of certified coaches, teachers, and speakers within The John Maxwell Team, is based on eight core curriculum that John C. Maxwell has developed over the last 25 years. Not only does this provide an amazing opportunity for a targeted dialog within the team, it can be tailored to help identify and address any existing issues the team may be working through. But it doesn’t stop there! It’s also designed to help us work directly with the group to develop a strategic plan for growth following the initial two-hour session. Once we have this plan developed, we can work closely with you to implement and follow through on the goals and objectives you set for yourself and your organization. Our job moving forward to make sure you don’t get left in the field with the blindfold on…

So how can I be so bold about the results I’m promising you? The leadership diagnostic assessment tool, The John Maxwell Leadership Game, is designed to provide a fun and relaxed, but also very challenging environment where participants are engaged in some very intentional discussion around the leadership issues and topics that impact them as a group on a frequent basis. Not only does this allow them to recognize each other’s strengths and contributions to the team, it also gives perspective on the issues the group is facing as well as opportunities for growth. And the feedback we’ve gotten from every individual participant and organization has echoed that. Take a look at what a few folks have had to say:

Cindy and I look forward to talking with you about how this tool can be used to help you move your team’s performance to the next level. As John Maxwell often says, “Everything rises and falls on leadership.”