It’s Not Just WHAT You Say…

It's Not Just WHAT You Say...I can hear it like it was yesterday: “It’s not just what you say, it’s HOW you say it!!!” If Cindy’s said that to me once, she’s said it a thousand times… And I deserved it EVERY SINGLE TIME!!! My DRIVEN personality style led me to be far more abrupt than her more Contemplative style could tolerate when she searched for the detail behind something I had already made a decision about. Oh to have understood The DISC Model of Human Behavior 15 years ago…

In chapter 3 of Everyone Communicates, Few Connect, Connecting Goes Beyond Words, John references this from “Silent Messages – A Wealth of Information About Nonverbal Communication (Body Language)”:

  • What we say accounts for only 7 percent of what is believed.
  • The way we say it accounts for 38 percent.
  • What others see accounts for 55 percent.

You don’t need an MBA to see that more than 90% of the message we send doesn’t come from our words. With that said, how much attention have you given to the signals you’re sending simply from your tone of voice or your body language? Think back to my last message on Connecting Is All About Others; How much thought do you put into adjust these two things that account such a large amount of your overall message to the person you’re speaking with? In my case, it rarely happened!

Learning the Principles and Practices John teaches in this book, and now adding an understanding of the Personality Insights curriculum designed to provide a practical application of The DISC Model of Human Behavior, has given me the tools to be significantly more effective in EVERY situation. All I have to do is apply it – which I have to work at every day!

Since Everyone Communicates, Few Connect has made such an impact in our careers and personal lives, Cindy will be facilitating a Mastermind Group Study of the entire book beginning in early August. She has chosen to offer this in a virtual setting, by conference call, for several reasons. To allow participants time to study and apply this content, the one-hour calls will take place weekly. This will also protect each participants time, since being away from the office for half a day is often just as bad as being out the entire day… The virtual setting provides an opportunity to record each session, so if a participant can’t be on one of the calls they can listen to the replay to stay up to speed with the rest of the group. And last, but certainly not least, it allows us to offer this level of service at a price far lower than we could if travel and meeting space were required. Having led different groups of individuals, as well as corporate teams, through this curriculum over the last few years, I guarantee you Return On Investment! Although technology supports far more, spots will be limited to allow personal interaction and build lasting relationships!

If this sounds like what you’re missing in effective communication, you can secure a spot by registering today or you can contact us directly for any additional details you may need.