Is Your Capacity Set?

Is Your Capacity Set?We recently took our grandkids, Cooper and Isla (Eye-la) on a tour through one of our local caverns.  Having four beautiful, commercial caverns each within 45 minutes of our home it was past time for their first caverns tour which doubled as a home school field trip.  To see the awe and amazement through their eyes was an excellent reminder of how truly amazing and beautiful these works of nature are.  As we listened intently to our tour guide (Wes and I…not so much the grandkids) I was listening for information that would interest the kids and prompt them to ask questions thus increasing their awareness of how the caverns were formed.  Without pointing out intriguing facts and creating enough curiosity for them to ask questions, I believe they would have wowed their way through the caverns noticing the shiny formations and colorful lights without really learning anything about the caves themselves.  What a cap on their capacity to learn!  (To their defense they are 5 and 9 years old.)

How do we as adults think about capacity?  Do we even consider capacity in ourselves and how we approach life, or do we accept what we think life offers?  In Part One of No Limits:  Blow the Cap Off Your Capacity, John Maxwell asks us to accept the capacity challenge and change our life.  He goes on to list 5 Capacity Caps most people need to raise their awareness of.  On page 9, he goes on to share Your Capacity Isn’t Set.  What a revelation!  How often do you consider your capacity?  Have you assumed your capacity is a limitation?  At times, people give up on thinking they can move beyond their idea of capacity or potential to grow.  Most of us have capacity that is untapped and capacity we are unaware of.  As you grow personally and remove a mindset of limitations you can blow the cap off your capacity!