Intentional Grounding? How About Intentional PAUSING…

Intentional Grounding? How About Intentional PAUSING...Before I share the third suggestion John makes about “The Power of Pausing,” I’ll briefly hit on the second.  If you missed the first suggestion, you can find it here.  I couldn’t pass this up! I’m picturing Chubbs telling Happy Gilmore to go to his “happy place” when he putts… John suggests that you designate a specific time and place to reflect so you’re less likely to be distracted by anything else (maybe like Shooter McGavin?).

Now, let’s look at his suggestion for applying The Law of Reflection, chapter 4 of The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth, in your life. In this section, John shares ideas on how crucial it is to be intentional about building these pauses into our schedule so we can get the most value out of our thinking time. To give perspective on just how tough this can be, John says “Leaders are so action oriented and have so many responsibilities that they are often guilty of moving all the time and neglecting to stop and take time to think.”

Does this describe anyone you know? I know at least one person that lives in my house (not named Cindy) that struggles with this on a weekly basis!

Some of the most recognizable names in history, good and bad, are examples of this. Jesus spent 40 days in the wilderness. Hitler and Marx each wrote their doctrines while in prison. Mandela became president of South Africa soon after his time in confinement. And while these are vastly different examples, the impact each one of them had on society was significant.

With being intentional about pausing to reflect in mind, I challenge you to list the last five times you’ve actually done this. In the interest of complete transparency, I can’t tell you that I would ever do it if Cindy didn’t remind me frequently of just how critical it is. As high strung as I tend to be, blocking time to just think has always seemed unproductive. But in reality, we’re all probably too busy not to be intentional about scheduling this time and following through on The Law of Reflection!

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