In chapter 15 of The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership, The Law of Victory, John sets the tone early on by saying “victorious leaders have one thing in common: they share an unwillingness to accept defeat.” When you read this phrase, who do you immediately picture? What leaders have you had in your life that have set this example for you? And are you setting this example for the team you’re leading?

In the DISC Model of Human Behavior, specifically through the Personality Insights curriculum, the D represents the part of us all that’s driven, determined, direct, demanding, and decisive. While this is much more prevalant in some of us than others (only a small percentage of the population have this as their primary style), we all have some level of the D style in us. Many times, those folks that are fairly low in D normally have a bit of a spike in their D traits when they’re in a high pressure situation. In other cases, some of these characteristics become their responsibility as part of the role they fill… I can think of several business owners who have very low levels of D in their personality blend but still run very successful organizations because their livelihood depends on it.

While the story about Winston Churchill shared by John in The Law of Victory details a man that was absolutely Determined, I’ve also heard a number of stories from before his time as Great Britain’s Prime Minister that lead me to believe this may not have been his primary personality style… In regards to a leader stepping up to face a challenge, John says “when the pressure is on, great leaders are at their best. Whatever is inside them comes to the surface.”

If you have a D in your life, it may seem like they always take control of the situation. But they’re not alone: any leader with the right amount of resolve will lean on the level of D they have when the time comes!

Talk with you soon,