Don’t Wish Things Were Easier, Wish You Were Better!

Don't Wish Things Were Easier, Wish You Were Better!The line I used as the subject of this message was woven into one of John’s audio lessons I listened to recently. While it certainly ties into what I just finished studying in The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth with the awesome folks that were part of a recent Mastermind Group, I’ve been reflecting on how it connects specifically to leadership. And I found the answer!

Chapter 3 of Leadership Gold, Defining Moments Define Your Leadership, goes through a number of examples that show the importance of making the right decisions when faced with challenges. For that matter, I think we could both point to any number of challenges we’ve been faced with that have given us the opportunity to look really good or to look really bad… Right?

Near the end of the chapter, it pops off the page! John says “Leaders become BETTER leaders when they experience a defining moment AND respond to it correctly.” There’s the catch! What does “responding to it correctly” look like? What situations can you point to in your own growth journey that have been DEFINING MOMENTS? And from those moments, are you able to look back and point to what you did that was most effective, and more importantly, what you could have done for even better results?

From my own experience, I have to say that most of the moments that come to mind are the ones that really sucked at the time! In many cases, I can vividly recall the fear, and often the anger, that accompanied the situation. But with the benefit of hindsight, I can also now see how being willing to make what was a really tough decision at the time ALWAYS yielded an outcome that was far better than I could have ever imagined. In each of the situations I’m thinking of, I could have made decisions that were way easier or that came with a much lower cost at the time. I truly can’t think of a time where I wish I would have chosen the easier route.

How about you? Do you wish things were easier? Or are you making decisions that make you better?

Until next time,