Controlling Your Environment

Controlling Your EnvironmentAs a parent, one of the things I tried to pay close attention to was the people our kids associated with; and that was a tremendous challenge! Simply put, that likely led to more turmoil in our home than almost anything else I can think of. There was a time that doing this was significantly easier, a time without all the access of the web at a child’s fingertips. A dear friend of mine commented on this to me just recently, and I’ve certainly seen it firsthand as well…

In chapter 6 of The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth, The Law of Environment, John discusses this by saying “Growth thrives in conducive surroundings.” If you’ve ever planted ANYTHING, you’ve seen how true this statement is in the physical world. But how does this apply to our lives? How much does the environment we surround ourselves with really impact the results we see on a daily basis?

So before we apply this entirely to ourselves, let’s focus on how we feel about the people our children hang out with. It’s not that big of a deal, right? It’s not my place to control who they spend time with… let them live their own life; make their own choices… I don’t want to PRESSURE them into something… sound familiar? I hope you have your steel-toed shoes on: if I’m going to be that naive about raising a child, I’m likely not worthy of the responsibility! EVERYTHING about the environment they’re in influences the decisions they make. And if there was one thing I learned after more than 15 years working in Behavior Based Safety, it was that adults make decisions EXACTLY the same way that children do!

So how much attention have you put on your current environment? One of the speakers that you have the opportunity to hear from as part of LIVE2LEAD this fall, Cheryl Bachelder, shared in her latest blog post how important it’s been to her to surround herself with the right people since leaving her position as CEO of Popeye’s Louisiana Chicken. She discusses the range of emotions she went through, and the direction she needed to focus on moving forward. She also said that the most important thing was surrounding herself with the right people… If environment makes that much difference to her after all the success she’s had, are we being honest with ourselves when we ignore how important it can be for us?

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