Those Closest to You…?

I’ve heard John Maxwell make some very interesting statements over the last 15 years… One comical but completely true line he’s used from time to time is that “some of his best thinking has been done by other people.” And … Read More

If You Have to Tell People You Are, You Aren’t…

The subject line of this message is part of what has to be my favorite quote by former British prime minister, Margaret Thatcher, “Being in power is like being a lady. If you have to tell people you are, you … Read More

Charting the Course

One of our (yours and mine) responsibilities to the people we lead is serving as a guide, taking our team in the direction of the organization’s goals. John Maxwell defines this in The Law of Navigation, chapter 4 of The … Read More

Does The WALK Match The TALK?

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In wrapping up this brief series on connecting practices, based on Part II of Everyone Communicates, Few Connect, I want to offer some thoughts from the final chapter. Early in Connectors Live What They Communicate, John says “Credibility is currency … Read More

What Gets You Going? The WHY…

Our LIVE2LEAD:Winchester Local Leadership Keynote Speaker, Dr. Miles Davis, recently discussed the topic of Employee & Personal Motivation during his radio show on The River 95.3. (You can click here to listen to check it out.) This topic was very near and dear to … Read More

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