Can You HEAR Me Now?

Can You HEAR Me Now?John sets the tone for what to expect, and why Everyone Communicates, Few Connect was an absolute necessity for the business community when it was written, in the prologue to the book. He tells a story about being on a very important international call where the person on the other end had a terrible connection. In the course of working to complete a significant business deal, the call dropped several times. John even referenced the old Verizon commercials where the guy says “Can you hear me now?” (You know, the guy that’s in the Sprint commercials now…)

In telling that story, he challenges us to think about the times when we’ve experienced poor connections on a phone call. Every time I read this, I immediately think about how it takes EVERY ounce of my willpower to keep from throwing the phone out the car window when this happens! My guess is that you get a bit frustrated in these situations too; just maybe not as much as me. The good news is I’ve learned why I get that frustrated: I’m not on the call for conversation, I’m on the call for results. (More on that shortly!)

So his reference to the dropped call is a great example, but where else would this apply? How many situations do we find ourselves in on a day to day basis where we can’t blame our lack of connection on poor phone service? Leaving the reason for the bad connection lying squarely in our own lap…

Avoiding these poor connections may seem somewhat mystical, but it’s really as much a science as it is an art… The study of human behavior has been going on for longer than I had ever imagined. I recently read about models that were credited all the way back to Hippocrates, nearly 2,400 years ago. So if human behavior has been studied in such detail for so long, why do we still struggle with the simple things on a daily basis? Quite honestly, most of what have I’ve personally read on the topic has been so complex that I could barely make sense of it; and good luck actually applying something when you struggle to understand it! So even if I was able to understand why that poor connection on the phone frustrated me, I had no idea what to do about it…

But if you’re using that as an excuse on April 28, it’s your own fault! The session I’m offering on Thursday, April 27 will give you access to several simple tools that you can apply immediately to avoid these poor connections that we’ve all had to fight through. Not only is this session priced ridiculously low, everything we do through Dove Development & Consulting is backed by our unconditional satisfaction guarantee.

I truly hope the last several messages I’ve shared on Everyone Communicates, Few Connect and how it ties in with the Personality Insights curriculum has added value to you. Now I challenge you to invest an hour and a half, and a few bucks, into learning how to apply these ideas at another level!  For information on the upcoming session on Piecing Together Your People Puzzles, you can click here to read it or click here to register for the session.

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