Attention to Detail: ???

Attention to Detail: ???The “???” in the subject line wasn’t intended to form a true question, but if you’re applying the PLATINUM RULE during your conversation with a Reserved/Task-Oriented person you better be prepared for some questions. And the best way to truly Do Unto Them As They Want You To is to slowly and thoroughly provide them with the specific information they want BEFORE they ever have to ask! Otherwise, you’ll definitely be answering them later…

I wasn’t far into a health coverage phone call with a young man when I knew that he wasn’t talking to a CAUTIOUS style either… If he had been focusing on that style, he would have actually had a few answers to questions that were asked rather than going back to the same spot in his script that covered what I had already said I had absolutely no interest in. We could have continued that call through the open enrollment deadline and still would have had no answers to anything I had asked!

I understand this CONSCIENTIOUS approach because I have a decent amount of this style when I’m operating on cruise control. But throw some stress in the mix and any concern I have for accuracy becomes scarce. To say my CALCULATING/CONTEMPLATIVE nature takes a backseat to my desire for RESULTS is quite the understatement. You could likely say any degree of CAUTION I may normally have gets shoved in the trunk when I feel pressured to get things done! I also have quite a bit of experience in dealing with folks that have that CAREFUL approach as their dominant style. Not only are many of my closest friends high C’s, I happen to be married to one. Those “???” appear in almost every conversation. And if I want to speak the language that Cindy, or any of my other CAUTIOUS friends relate with best, I have to force myself to slow down and cover the details that I often believe (in true DRIVEN form) are completely unnecessary.

All that said, thank God for those highly COMPETENT folks. Without having had the opportunity to learn the importance of accuracy from them, every day of my life would likely be a train wreck…

A word of wisdom for dealing with them: when you see what seems like an empty, emotionless stare as you cover details with them, it doesn’t mean their disinterested. They’re processing every word! When a DRIVEN type may actually pound the table in agreement, an INSPIRING person may jump out of their seat, or the SUPPORTIVE one just gently nods as an affirmation, the CAUTIOUS person may not show any reaction at all; and each could very likely have the same level of buy-in or excitement about what you just shared!

Identifying someone’s primary style is half the battle. The real test is in applying it to how you share your message with them.

I hope these thoughts on applying the PLATINUM RULE using The DISC Model of Human Behavior have given you some tools to apply moving forward.