Are You Making Someone Nervous?

Are You Making Someone Nervous?Are you doing anything right now to make anyone in your life nervous? I SURE HOPE YOU ARE!!!

Not so long ago, I listened to one of John’s lessons where he said that average people get nervous when you grow. In reviewing The Law of the Ladder and The Law of the Rubber Band (chapters 9 & 10 of The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth) earlier this evening with an awesome group of leaders, we discussed some of the drawbacks to AVERAGE. As I mentioned in a recent message, John uses The Law of the Ladder to illustrate the importance character plays in our growth process. He goes on to say “individuals who lack principles and passion become BEIGE PEOPLE.” In The Law of the Rubber Band, he talks about how few people stretch themselves beyond average. There he uses Edmund Gaudet’s description of average which includes “the failures are remembered because they tried but with the ‘average,’ the silent majority, is just forgotten.”

So I say again, I hope you’re making some folks nervous! Nothing in either of those chapters made me want to go to sleep tonight without doing at least one more thing to move beyond average.

That said, I truly believe the vast majority of people consider themselves to be Above Average. I’m certainly not making a case for discouraging anyone. I am making a case for being the best we can be; for striving to achieve the extraordinary; for exceeding expectations.

Over the last few years, I’ve heard John break it down this way as well: 80% of people fall short of the expectations set for them, 15% meet those expectations, and only 5% of people work to EXCEED what’s expected of them. If those numbers are true, and I have no evidence to say they’re not, how easy should it be for you and I to build a HUGE separation between ourselves and that ugly word, AVERAGE?

It’s not my goal to ever look down on someone, but it’s not my goal to keep someone from being nervous if it means limiting my growth! How about you?

Talk with you soon,