Are You Half Way There?

Are You Half Way There?

As I write this message, we’re nearly half way through 2017! I heard someone joke last week that the days are already getting shorter… True enough, I suppose.

In wrapping up 2016, I put together a few messages around the idea of being GROWTH focused rather than GOAL focused as you made your New Year’s Resolutions (if that’s something you even do). I can’t say that I’ve ever been much of a resolution kinda guy. With my very high D (DRIVEN) personality, I typically focus on moving forward ALL THE TIME… But I now understand that only 10% of the population falls into that category.

Here’s the question I challenge you with: Are you on track to achieve what you had resolved to do just 6 short months ago? Do you even remember your resolutions? I can honestly tell you, this has been a year of significant personal and professional growth for me (and I think Cindy would say the same for herself). We started the year knowing that we would be experiencing quite a few things for the first time, with one of the biggest changes being Cindy running our business full time. And while I think we’ve stayed on track with most of our targets for the year, we’ve also had some opportunities we would have never even considered taking on just months ago; each of which we couldn’t have considered had Cindy not immersed herself in personal and professional growth from the day she walked away from a good paying corporate career.

Back to you… In chapter 4 of The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth, The Law of Reflection, John says “there are some kinds of growth that come to us only if we are willing to stop, pause, and allow the lesson to catch up with us.” As I’ve said several times before, this is incredibly difficult for me, the pausing part. But as you read this, are you on track to accomplish what you had hoped to? And even if you’ve hit some bumps along the way, have you been able to apply the lessons those bumps taught you?

I’ve leave you to simmer on that for now, but you’ll notice a theme in the next few messages that follow…