Are You Doing The Things You SHOULD Do?

Are You Doing The Things You SHOULD Do?In a series recently covering John Maxwell’s 3 R’s, I covered the first R, the things we’re REQUIRED to do. These are the things we HAVE to do; meaning that we don’t have the opportunity to delegate them or no one else can do them. In looking at the second R, we look at the things that give us the best RETURN on the time we put in. Here’s where we can determine what we SHOULD be doing…

Looking back at chapter 17 of The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership, John discusses the Pareto Principle, explaining that you will often get 80% of your results from 20% of the activities you do. This same principle applies in many areas… I’ve heard it said that 20% of McDonalds’ customers are responsible for 80% of their sales. I’ve also heard the statement that we wear 20% of our clothes 80% of the time. You get the picture…

So let’s assume that there’s some merit to this idea… I can certainly see where it’s been true more often than not in my life. Of all the things you’re currently doing on a daily or weekly basis, can you point to the specific things that give you the most return for the time you invest? Are you giving these things the appropriate amount of your energy? Unfortunately, the opposite is often true as well: the things that take 80% of our time may only be accounting for 20% of our results! (I’ve been working on a list of things that fall into this category for me, and many of these will be coming to an abrupt end!)

I’ve heard putting focus on the things that give you the best RETURN compared to hitting a baseball on the “sweet spot” of the bat; where the ball goes farther faster with the same or less energy… Wouldn’t we all love to get this type of result in the work that we do? In explaining this in more detail, John says that “leaders should get out of their comfort zone but stay in their strength zone.” Once we pinpoint the things that are in our strength zone, we can be intentional about building our lives around those things that give us the RETURN on our investment of time.

In an audio lesson I was listening to earlier today, John referenced Walt Disney as suggesting that we find what we can do so well that others will enjoy watching us so much that they will bring their friends back to see us do it… We don’t always have an audience in what we do, but what if we could just find those things that give us the 80% return, then figure out a way to put ALL of our time into them?

Stay tuned for the next message that will cover the things we LOVE to do… Until next time!