A Slight Change In Perspective…

A Slight Change In Perspective...As we covered The Law of Curiosity, chapter 12 in The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth, during our last Mastermind Group Study call, one of the participants shared something that I hadn’t picked up on while studying this chapter over and over for the past several years. And that’s just one of the amazing things about the mastermind principle…

Near the end of the chapter, John quotes author Brian Klemmer as saying, “One of the keys to abundance is having a solution-oriented mind-set. The average person thinks of himself as positive, but he’s not solution-oriented.” I had highlighted the first part of that statement when I began really studying the material: One of the keys to abundance… But I had never given much thought to the following sentence. Quite honestly, I don’t know that I even agreed that the average person is positive or that the average person thinks… In fact, one statement I’ve heard several times (and whether it’s statistically accurate or not, it certainly makes sense) is that only 2% of people actually think, 5% think they think, and the rest would rather DIE than think.

So how about that term “Solution-Oriented”? How often do you see that exhibited in even the MOST positive people you know? I don’t think I can honestly say it’s common… John says that when we’re not solution-oriented, we’re content “to live within our limitations.” John goes on the share a second idea from Klemmer regarding the difference between approaching something with the question “Can I do this?” versus an attitude of “HOW can I do this?”

You may see that as curiosity or you may see it as determination. Either way, we likely won’t be seeing it from someone who’s content living within their limitations! What challenge have you faced lately that could have benefited from asking “HOW can I do this?”

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