A Need To Change In Order To Grow…

A Need To Change In Order To Grow...“I believe at some point during every person’s lifetime, there comes a need to change ENVIRONMENTS in order to grow” is the opening line in chapter 6 of The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth, The Law of Environment. Now, put some effort into REFLECTING on your year-to-date efforts and some thought into how CONSISTENCY can improve your results, I challenge you to take a look at your current GROWTH ENVIRONMENT as we get closer to the mid-point of 2017…

For years, I’ve heard it said that where we’ll be 5 years from now is largely determined by the books we read and the people we associate with. I’ve also heard that we often become a product (or the average) of the 5 people we spend the most time with. Both of these sayings are all about ENVIRONMENT! With that in mind, is your current environment one of growth?

That’s a question that I’ve had to ask myself several times over the last 20 years. And to be very honest, I haven’t always been proud of the answer…

Put your stones down for a minute while I clarify something: that’s in no way meant as a criticize any person (or group of people) that I was around at the time. I only make that statement to emphasize that I realized that I wasn’t being as intentional as I NEEDED TO BE to ensure I was growing. That responsibility was mine, and mine alone! This had nothing to do with the people. I’ve simply found that if I’m going to have any chance at achieving my growth goals, I have to make sure I’m with people who stretch me every chance I get! On the second page of this same chapter, John says “If you’re always at the head of the class, you’re in the wrong class!” Now, I’ve rarely been at the head of any class, but I have been guilty of getting to comfortable in one spot…

As I wrap this up, I ask you to consider these questions:

  • If where you are 5 years from now truly is based on the books you’re reading and the people you spend time with TODAY, will you be where you want to be?
  • What’s the average of the 5 people you currently spend the most time with? Does that average allow you to make the impact you want to make?
  • And, if these answers aren’t what you want, what can you do about it?

One of the main reasons Cindy and I put so much effort into the things we do, such as LIVE2LEAD:Harrisonburg and LIVE2LEAD:Winchester, is to provide opportunities for people to have a world-class growth environment at a LOCAL level!

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