A Leader Touches A Heart BEFORE They Ask For A Hand

In the subtitle of chapter 10 in The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership, The Law of Connection, John says “leaders touch a heart before they ask for a hand.” I have facilitated a dozen or so mastermind group studies on this chapter. But what does that mean to you? Do the same actions work across the board?

Later in the chapter, he says “You can’t move people to action unless you first move them with emotion… The heart comes before the head.” Do you think this is the truth? I think this is A TRUTH, but not THE ONLY TRUTH

One of the things I’ve learned in studying Personality Insights and the DISC Model of Human Behavior is that about 65% of the population are people-centered; wired naturally to trust the people they like. I can absolutely see how that can support John’s statement. Based on this figure, I feel like I can safely assume that the majority of the people I interact with could likely be moved to action if I can first move them with emotion.

But what about the other 35%? Those are the ones that are more task-centered. They’re often FAR more interested in accomplishment than emotion. And they’re wired in a way that there’s little chance they will EVER like someone if they don’t trust that person first! Quite honestly, I’ve struggled with that for a long time; in situations where I didn’t completely trust the person I was dealing with, I had little interest in even beginning to like them. I thought I was just fighting a natural tendency of being a jerk… (Did you just nod in agreement?) For the minority of us that have this world-view, it’s unlikely you’ll ever move us to action with emotion. Nothing moves me to action more than focusing on RESULTS!

One last statement I’ll share from The Law of Connection is “The stronger the relationship and connection between individuals, the more likely the follower will want to help the leader.” That’s a claim that I agree with 100%! So how can you differentiate between the majority that will be moved to action by emotion and those of us that will likely only ever show emotion when we see results from the action?

On Thursday, April 27, from 3:00 – 4:30pm, I will be sharing the most applicable tools I’ve ever seen to quickly identify how to make those connections in every single interaction, and build those strong relationships John refers to! Piecing Together Your People Puzzles will provide the framework for finding that starting point. I look forward to hearing how YOU’RE able to apply it!

Have a great weekend,