85% of a Person’s Success in Life is Based on…

Percentage of SuccessI made quite a list of things I wanted to accomplish during this trip to Dallas, none of which include baseball (this time). One of the things I did on the flight from Charlotte to DFW was review a small application guidebook called Relationship @ Work by Robert Rohm in preparation for the training I’ll be going through on Monday and Tuesday. I had the opportunity to sit through a session Dr. Rohm did at a John Maxwell Team event last year. It was remarkable!

One of the first statements he made in this small guidebook was that “the Carnegie Foundation released a study revealing that 85% of a person’s success in life is based on his or her ability to relate well with others.”

Wow! I’m still trying to decide if that’s encouraging or if I want to cry…

Let’s pretend for a minute that it’s encouraging. (Even if it’s not right now, I hope the next few thoughts help to at least move you away from the tears I was considering.) We all have our own very unique personalities. There’s certainly no arguing that. Dr. Rohm’s work is designed to provide a platform for understanding our own personality styles, as well as the personality styles of the people we work and interact with on a regular basis. (This should be starting to help.) Sure, there are several methods out there that have the same intent. But from what I’ve seen from Dr. Rohm’s work, as well as the time I’ve been able to spend with a few friends that are experts in the field, this is absolutely the most practical model.

As I studied the book, I became more and more excited. It offered clear explanations for some of the very things that I know I’ve been guilty of doing (more than a few times) to strain relationships. It also provided an understanding of how I can be more intentional in actually strengthening some of those same relationships. (Are you feeling better about this yet?)

So here’s what I’m most excited about: the training I’ll be going through will not only build on what I read in that small guidebook, it will certify me to train on Dr. Rohm’s materials and offer tools that analyze behavioral patterns! As I learn more about what all this entails, I will certainly keep you in the loop. Who wouldn’t want to understand how to be more effective in something that accounts for 85% of a person’s success?

Until next time,

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