What Do You Want?

What Do You Want?Over the last several weeks, I’ve focused on the importance of building effective relationships by developing a better understanding of the people we interact with. I don’t think we can ever take our focus away from that if we want to have the impact we want to have… But as important as I believe that is, these next few messages will be about making sure you have what you need to hold up your end of the bargain.

In chapter 7 of The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth, The Law of Design, John says that “most people allow their lives to simply happen to them. They float along.” Let’s be honest about this; floating along is significantly easier than rowing upstream… Simply allowing life, or our career, to run its course may take less effort on a day to day basis, but what’s it really cost us in the long run?

In this same chapter, John shares how he spends the last week of each year reviewing his schedule from the previous 51 weeks and preparing for the coming year. He says “there’s no substitute for being strategic.”

I saw a great example of this a week or so ago. In a group discussion, a young man discussed several things he had done to make the work he was responsible for more systematic; more productive. One of the others in the group commented to me later that this fellow seemed very detail-oriented. I certainly understand why it seemed that way, but I didn’t agree. When I heard these comments, I immediately thought about a performance review I had a few years earlier where my supervisor commented on how detail-oriented I was. He referenced how systematic I had been in processing some of the tasks I was responsible for. Detail-oriented I am not! And while I appreciated what that supervisor meant as a compliment, I pointed out that I had to be very strategic in putting systems in place to be sure I didn’t drop the ball when it came to details…

So how does that fit with you? Where do you have strategies in place to be sure you’re the most effective you can be? Do you have them at all? What are you doing day to day, or week to week, to develop your edge? (If you’ve made it this far in the message, I’m guessing this is part of your strategy!) I know it’s still early in the year, but I want to help you start planning now for what I hope will be a key part of your 2017 growth plan. Early Bird registration begins this week for what is becoming one of the best annual leadership and personal development events in the Shenandoah Valley: LIVE2LEAD. And this year, Cindy and I have the opportunity to host events in the Harrisonburg and Winchester areas! Both will include the exclusively licensed simulcast content from our friends at The John Maxwell Company, but they will both also have specific local content that won’t be matched by any other event. Stay tuned for more on LIVE2LEAD:Harrisonburg and LIVE2LEAD:Winchester.

Talk with you soon,